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Product Introduction




Product details

CHING LAI DOUBLE DISC REFINER has good performance and high fame in the market, our customers are all over the world, especially in mainland China market.
(Shandong Chenming Group,Sina Mas Group, Nine Dragon Paper Co., Ltd.,Lee&man Paper Co.,Ltd., Sun Paper Co.,Ltd., Huatai Paper Co.,Ltd.,Quanlin Paper Co.,Ltd., Fujian Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd.,Guangzhou WanLida Paper Co.,Ltd., Zhuhai Hongta Paper Co.,Ltd. and Fujian Liansheng Paper Industry Co., Ltd. etc.are all our clients.)

Main Features :
1. Low energy consumption.
2. Low noise: Less than 65db.
3. Trouble free: Excellent structure, high precision and good configuration.
4. Easy operation: Intelligent operation.
5. High automation: Operated both in DCS and local control desk.
6. Constant power control or energy consumption control is optional.
7. Load speed is flexible through the program control: fast and slow; unload speed is fast.
8. Three operation mode: Local auto mode, DCS auto mode, local manual mode.

DOUBLE DISC REFINER is composed of two sets of disc blade, the dual set of disc blade is adjusted hydraulically. It provides a control-panel to control disc plate, start-stop, and will automatically open the disc plate, when the press failure happened.
It has a high efficiency to treat the pulp of wood, straw, bagasse and waste paper. There two ports of inlet, the flow rate and pressure of bath side in nearly to equal, so that the bearing will not happen any troubles.

The wear rate of the REFINER DISC PLATE is measured by the indicative ruler showed by the ○ sign in the drawing to decide the time for the replacement of the disc blade. There is no need to dismantle the raw material piping at inlet and outlet. Just simply open the door at the lateral side of the hydraulic cylinder will do.

Mode of the operating panel :
1. Standard Type
It is composed of standard operation panel and hydraulic device. The operating pressure is formed by hydraulic unit (micro-knob, amplifier, proportional valve,PLC module) in the operation panel.
2. Special Mode
Based on the objective of renovation, Ching Lai Machinery Co.,Ltd., has newly developed PLC operating panel of control system, and has spare rack onnector with DCS, which makes operation in DCS and local reality. During the loading, a supplement pressure is employed, and No pulsation can be found when it is moving in an inch mode.

Utilization Mode :
In addition to being utilized all by itself, by means of the planning of piping, it can also be used in a series or coupling manner, depending on requirements of the paper materials. It can be utilized to coordinate with CRC and PLC to enable such conditions as the flow and degree of ionization to acquire a more stable control.

Each and every kind of paper material has a disc blade which is made of individually appropriate material and processed by precision working machine for the selecting of long fiber pulp, short fiber pulp and mixed fiber pulp.

Please keep us informed of the following conditions beforehand. Planning for suitability of a plurality of types of disc blade made by different materials will be made by us:
1. Handing volume
2. Categories of raw materials
3. Consistency
4. How many degree is found in the reducing of ionization?
5. What is the final product and what is the condition for dis-aggregation and aggregation?
6. Refiner pre-treatment equipment

The selection of Filling Type and Material will depend on the following conditions :
1. There are many different fibers: they are grouped into wood pulp ( long and short fibers ), straw, reed, bagasse and waste paper.
2. Refining result requirement: fibrillating, cutting and disaggregation.
3. Fiber recycle rate

The general rules to the filling selection :
a. Filling teeth
  For long fiber use, filling groove and bar can be processed according to fiber length after refining. Normally, the filling of wide groove and bar is used for the long fiber treatment; whereas, it is used for the short fiber treatment.
b. Bar angle:
The bar angle varies from 5∼15°: the bigger angle, the longer retention time for stock in chamber.
c. Filling material
Medium Chrome Alloy: It is normally used for treatment of wood and long fiber, serving cutting and disaggregation.
Stainless steel and Ni-Hard Alloy: It is normally used for the treatment of short fiber, serving fibrillating.