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Quality, Efficient, Advanced

 Ching Lai Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the Research, Planning, Design, Manufacture and Installation of paper machine. In our aim to cater to the requirements of the paper industry and provide manufactures with Premium quality, High-Performance, Advance paper machine, we regularly acquire new technology and untiringly innovate our technology. Moreover, we conduct studies and joint ventures with major local and foreign paper-making companies to allow our manufacturing, paper and finish product departments to achieve the highest level of performance, as well as gain the confidence of the paper industry.

 The spirit behind our innovation is expressed in the following: Premium quality, Service, Excellence and Innovation. Our paper machines are exported to China, Indonesia, India, Philippines and the Nigeria, etc.

The Customer Is Paramount And Quality Comes First

  • We uphold the motto the "The Customer Is Paramount And Quality Comes First". In 1990 we set up development center for machinery. We hired three Japanese engineer to our company. In 1992 we have been engaged in technical cooperation with Mitsubishi, Japan.

  • Since foundation our company has been continually devoted to the workout of superb paper making machinery already 20 years, including stock preparation system, paper machine throughput, turnkey export. We have found wide acclaim from major paper mills everywhere.

  • With a serious and humble complex we are always alert to review our products presently on sale so as to ensure that all our products are truly the best as regards both efficiency and performance. Thanks to the support of the relevant sectors, we were able to establish ourselves in the paper industry as a business partner. It is our sincerest hope to provide and support the paper industry. We shall always welcome your call and service requirement.


  • 1981.We were founded in Taipei Taiwan.
  • 1990.we set up a product R & D Engineering Center, also hired three Japanese senior engineers as the Japanese consultants team in our company.
  • 1992.supporting and cooperating with Japan's Mitsubishi Satellite Factory (OEM) of the paper machine.
  • 1995.we have export machines to Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and other Southeast Asian region.
  • 1998.Rewinder sales to the Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., which is Sinar Mas Group the Kut mill, in Indonesia Surabaya.
  • assist installation and test Dagang Jindong Paper of Sinar Mas Group capacity 1500T / D which whole line producing culture paper.
  • 2002.Pneumatic doctors sole more then 1000 sets.
  • export rewinder to Nice top Paper Co., Ltd., from now on our product got the position in Africa.
  • sell paper machine, double disc refiner, rewinder machines and other equipment to mainland China Ningbo Fortune Paper Co., Ltd.
  • 2009.double disc refiner performance breakthrough over 1000 sets.
  • 2011.our Japanese consultants team developed a clamshell "TD-disc refiner" successfully.