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Product Introduction




Product details

1. Creping doctor no.1
2. Creping doctor no.2
3. B type cleaning doctor
4. C type cleaning doctor
Ching Lai machinery co., Ltd. has the facility to provide the paper making industry with many different type doctors which have been sold representative a world wide endorsement of it excellence.
Efficient doctoring is the result of meticulous engineering for a particular application integrating the proper blade.
Material and doctor back design.
You benefit from the resulting production efficiency, a reduction in down time, and long-term troublefree service.
To select the correct blade with the roll

Material to be doctored.
A. Heat treatment carbon steel
B. Carbon steel
C. Stainless steel
D. Phosphor bronze
E. Fiberglass
F. High density polyethylene
Pneumatic style features
The method employed in the revolutionary pneumatic doctor is by means of a special air hose to apply pressure to a series of specially designed stainless steel fingers space across the width of the doctor 2 inches apart. These fingers pivot on a common stainless steel fulcrum rod which extends across the width of the doctor. Fastened to the fingers is the stainless steel doctor blade holder to which can be easily fitted a doctor blade of any conventional material.
When air is introduced to the hose it distends' and in so doing actuated the fingers which in turn depress the doctor blade against the face of the roll or cylinder. The pressure at which the blade is kept in contact with the roll or cylinder is there-fore the same across the entire face.
In the case of a cambered roll, the distention of the air hose will be restricted as the fingers continue to depress the doctor blade against the roll or cylinder face and because of the infinitely variable nature of the finger arrangement the blade in effect takes up the shape or contour of the roll face. This is important in the case of fixed and variable crown rolls.

Creping doctor no. 1
Creping doctor
The air load creping doctors are specifically designed to:
1. Ensure constant even linear pressure across the entire face of the cylinder.
2. Provide exceptionally even edge wear of the doctor blade.
3. Save wear on cylinders.
4. Accommodate a wide range of blade width. (From 5" to 2")
5. Creping degree can be adjusted easily to meet your requirement.
6. Save the time of exchanging doctor blades. (Only 30 seconds) the sum of all these benefits is a
meaningful reduction in down time, a more production, efficient operation and a better profit picture.

Creping doctor no. 2

B type cleaning doctor

Cleaning doctors
The unique design of the cleaning doctor ensures constant and even linear pressure of blade against the roll or cylinder independent of machine width. And this is, of course, particularly important in the case of fixed and variable crown rolls blade conformity is continuous and automatic without the need for manual adjustments or packers this proven method of blade loading
Results in lower blade pressures resulting in reduced roll, cylinder and blade wear.

C type cleaning doctor