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Product Introduction


Model:Crown/Regularate Crown


Product details

Apply Japanese Technology

Regulated Crown Roll

The "Ching Lai RCR" is designed to be hydrostatic-shoe multiple arrangement in the shell. It is effective for getting uniform distribution of the nip pressure on the nipped full width that is constituted. The hydrostatic shoes are designed as square type and have individually pistons. The pistons are round configuration with seal rings and are fed oil individually by piping in the RCR. Individual piping system is able to be applied for both cases of the divided zone pressure controland a single zone pressure control. The divided zone control system is effective to get uniform paper web moisture profile in the press section, and get uniform caliper profile of the paper web in the calender. 

  • Uniform impression is given to the paper web at the roll nip in the desired operating nip pressure.
  • Easy controls for change operating nip pressure
  • Easy adjustment for horizontal nip line and +/- crown
  • Start of loading at lower speed is possible, as compare with hydro-dynamic shoe type roll.
  • Reducing vibration by damping effects of shoes and pistons.
Design -Major Points
  • The shell is mounted on the center shaft by spherical roller bearings.
  • The center shaft is made of alloyed steel and have enough strength and rigidity.
  • Oil seals and labyrinth seals are provided between rotating shell and stationary center shaft. 
  • The roll of this project is designed as " Single-Zone Control Type".
Technical Data

   NipMax. 350kN/m
   Hydraulic System:Import Hydraulic part.

Regulated Crown Roll has
Sales Performance in China and Taiwan.