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Tissue Paper Machine (All machines designed by Japanese engineers.)
Along with the advancement in modern technology, more varied, differentiated demands is felt in paper industry, to comply with our customer's needs our Company has come out for release paper machines specific for a given king of paper or for a given application.
Since foundation our Company has been continually devoted to the workout of superb paper making machinery, including pulping, paper machine throughput. Finish part, we have, in the meantime, been engaged in technical cooperation with renowned makers overseas, introducing high precision technology, and our products of whatever model and scale, have found wide acclaim from major paper mills everywhere. With a serious and humble complex we are always alert to review our products presently on sale so as to ensure that all our products are truly the best as regards both efficiency and performance, what not.
We have performance in Philippines and Nigeria.

1. Accommodating operation with different kinds of paper, easier adaption to different paper machines.
2. Better productivity and efficacy.
3. More uniform distribution of base weight and moisture.
4. Excellent former fiber.
5. More effective dehydration and permitting the use of pulp stuffs with higher unrestraint.
6. Excellent physical properties such as pull, strenght of fracture, tear.
7. Improved layer-to-layer bonding strenght.
8. Easy operation, requiring the minimum servicing only

I. Family-use paper
1.Cylinder Former Single Felt Yankee Dryer Paper Machine
2.Short Wire Yankee Dryer Machine
3.Crescent Former Yankee Dryer Paper Machine
II. Cultural paper
1.Fourdrinier Multi-Dryer Paper Machine.
III. Industrial paper
1.Combination-Wire Multi-Dryer Paper Machine.
IV. Cardboard
1.Multi-Cylinder Former Multi-Dryer Paper Machine.
2.Combination-Wire Multi-Dryer Paper Machine.
3.Comb.multi-Cylinder Former Multi-Dryer Paper Machine.
Kind of paper: Facial Tissue, Toilet Tissue, Napkin Paper, Kitchen Towling Paper, Sanitary Napkin, Disposable Diaper, Towels Paper.
Furnish: Wooden Pulp, White Ragger Trimmed, Deinking Pulp.
Another Production: specialties and Equipment Export.